Enabling remote practical

training for automotive


Maximize return

on training

Cut Costs
KG Test & Train turns any car into a training centre! No need to buy training rigs, break test vehicles or spend on expensive demonstration materials – just connect KG Test & Train to a normal car and you are ready to train. What’s best: KG brings quality training to your garage so you no longer have to lose valuable working hours and spend on travel and accommodation while you are at a training centre.
Improve Quality
Quality service requires quality training. KG Test & Train makes sure service technicians have regular access to the best training and can connect with instructors when they need to. In addition, KG Test & Train helps you monitor technician skills levels so you can identify and react to potential problems before they affect the customer experience.
Increase Productivity
Do more with less! KG Test & Train helps you scale your training to the next level so you can train more technicians, more quickly. We empower instructors to teach across borders and maximize the impact of their training.

KG Test & Train

KG Test & Train is based on the latest IoT technology, combining a portable hardware module with a smartphone and tablet application.

Connect KG Test & Train to a common car and use our app to set up fault simulations. All our simulations use the vehicle’s own systems making them extremely realistic and very close to a real problem. Demonstrate a complex ABS problem or a common injection pump fault – effortlessly.
It’s just a click away!


Remote training

KG Test & Train is the first solutions for remote practical training for auto technicians, bringing the quality of in-person courses to any dealership and repair shop. Whether in 1on-1 coaching sessions or live virtual classrooms, KG Test & Train ensures that technicians get the training they need, when they need it and without having to leave their work environment.



In-person courses

KG Test & Train enables instructors to do more with less effort in in-person trainings. We take the hassle out of practical training and let instructors focus on what really matters: teaching. Train multiple technicians for several fault types on different car models at the same time.

Creating value

Technical after-sales service is a key element of the customer experience.But only skilled technicians deliver loyal customers.
KG Test & Train helps you bring the best technical training to all technicians throughout the dealer network. Deliver more flexible training solutions at a fraction of the cost and track results.
With volatile vehicle sales, aftersales services are an important source of revenue. Many aftersales opportunities could be better exploited with more training, but tight margins and high staff turnover make it hard to invest in technical after-sales teams.
KG Test & Train helps you keep technicians up-to-date with the latest technology and get new hires up to speed at minimal cost. Courses can be blended into the work schedule, keeping the technician at work and productivity high throughout the training.

Effective practical training for repair technicians requires realistic simulations of fault scenarios. However, preparing a fault scenario is cumbersome and very time-consuming.
KG Test & Train helps you run complex simulations with some of the most advanced fault scenarios in the market – at a click of a button. Multiple simulations can be run simultaneously on different systems of the car and on several vehicles in parallel

Up-to-date knowledge is essential for technicians to succeed in their job and progress in their career. With automotive technology developing more rapidly than ever before and training increasingly expensive and inflexible, staying on top of the latest innovations is a big challenge.
KG Test & Train helps you get the qualifications you need to grow your career without leaving the garage. We bring trainings to your workplace and connect you with instructors remotely so you always have the latest knowledge.

A universal partner
for after-sales

Designed as a universal solution, KG Test & Train is compatible with different brands, models and types of vehicles.

Today, KG Test & Train helps customers from a wide range of industries to maximize the potential of their repair and maintenance teams.

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